Winter covers on slats

Perfect accessories to protect the automatic slatted cover of the pool in winter

Winter cover for under water surface and above water surface slatted cover will prepare yours slats into a real winter cover in a few minutes , that protects slats and pool´s water from all external efects (lights, leaves and other impurity).


  • Quick and easy installation: less than ten minutes for a pool of dimensions: 8 x 4 m
  • Effective: protects slats and water against UV, impurity and algae
  • Excellent securing: The straps ensure good fitting of the cover during the winter
  • Esthetics: The slat is fitted with rubber straps, without the need to disturb the pool or its surroundings
  • Compatible with under water surface and above water surface slatted cover
  • Rain water flows through the cover thanks to mesh circumference without leaves and impurity to the pool

Technical properties

  • Material: PVC foil
  • Density: 420 g / m2
  • Choice of colors: sand, light gray or blue
  • The circumference hem retains leaves and impurity outside the pool
  • Outlet of rainwater by the circumference
  • Universal and simple fastening using rubber straps with plastic hooks on the end of slates

Please note that the use of protective winter cover on slats is prohibited in summer to avoid overheating and damage to the slats!