Bazilisk is a lizard from South America, which rises to the trees and the surprise for the observer is that he can walk on the water. These features have inspired us to find our unique device.
The requirement to swim in the open air in the summer and use of the pool in the winter without losing energy without need to building space above the pool is a good challenge for basilisk.
These requirements can be met by unique Vipool´s equipment named Basilisk.

Functional principle:

Behind the pool are stored 100 mm thick insulation boards, which step-by-step are gradually going upwards where they connect to the previous plate. After joining the two boards, horizontal plates are moved by one plate width. All this is repeated so long that all boards do not cover the whole length of the pool. Uncovering the pool proceeds analogously.

Advantages of equipment BAZILISK

  • small build-up area
  • High insulation properties
  • year-round bathing under open sky
  • Fully automatic operation
  • you can walk on the insulation boards
  • Safe cover of the pool
  • any choice of surface of insulating boards (uniform design with surrounding terrace)
  • reducing the cost of building an indoor pool
  • use of the area above the pool

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